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“I believe sport teaches people a lot of life skills” Reon

First and foremost is always the fact I am the father of five sons. The eldest one is 21 years and the rest are teenagers with the youngest 15 years old.

I am one of four boys. So with no sisters I am use to dealing with boys .

I have always loved my sport and believe sport teaches people a lot of life skills.

I use to play rugby league during my childhood then switch to playing rugby and really enjoyed the game. Then of course when I had five sons and they all started playing rugby I starting filling in for the coach. Now its’ been 16 -17 years of coaching their teams.
When I was a young boy learning, growing and discovering in those teenage years I starting knocking around with a few mates. These guys are still my mates today.

During times when we got into trouble we looked out for one another which turned out to be a really valuable thing through the teenage years. So of course I wanted to help my sons but realize there will be times when I am not there. Right from a young age I have promoted to my boys to always have good friends and look out for one another.
Family matters most to me. Family does not have to be a traditional Mum and Dad, family can be children from other people. Family is more about roles and what people do. If there is love it doesn’t matter where it comes from. They are children and deserve to be part of it.


“I believe sport teaches people a lot of life skills” Reon Tiweka
Copyright Neil Macbeth

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