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I love New Brighton – Jason


I live and work just up the road, on Sundays I bike down here. I ride a motorbike as well, the motorbike guys come down here on Sundays for motorbike talk and a beer. There will be a few guys here, we catch up here just about every Sunday if we’re not on a bike ride somewhere.

I’ve lived in New Brighton for 25 years. Love it. The easterly, the noise, the beach, the smell, the seaweed, the birds, and not too many people. It’s definitely changed a bit since the earthquakes, obviously the roads and all that haven’t been sorted out, but there’s people coming here, houses are getting a bit flasher.

Bar being a bit untidy, its a really nice place to be. Its a nice community. Its sort of like – you gotta go across two bridges to get here – its like a mainland island. Its one of those places where people know each other by sight so you’ll get that wave, but if you take some time and sit down, everybody will talk to ya.

– Jason

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