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I like the security – Tracy

 “I was living at my parents but they decided for me to live here at Hohepa, to have more environment. Because they’re a bit busy, and don’t have the time to hang out with me. It’s a lovely place. The independence and going out wherever you want. And I like the security. It’s safe, very safe.

Ulla my friend; she lives here. I go to her house to have a coffee with her. We do the choir in the hall, it’s every Friday. We cook together every Friday. At her house; healthy food; salads. And a pie you know the pie? Cheese pie with some mince in it. And sometimes we have pancakes for the house.

I’m on the big course, how to have good skills to work in a café. I did a coffee course at Ferrymead and Rebbeca’s going to get me on a trial and if I can do the job, she will let me have the job. You have to catch two buses.

Making cards; every day. I colour them in, then I write them once people have their birthdays. Put them in that box. It’s a Michael Jackson one.

Well I used to have pets but they didn’t work out ‘cause all the earthquakes killed them all. Well I had a budgie, then I had canaries and goldfish but that was hard work. But yes I’m allowed to have pets so long as I take care of them and have some responsibilty. But I would love to have some pet rats. How long do they last? Well Ana Te Rae said she’s fine with it, it’s gotta go through my big boss. If I had two little male rats I would’a called it Blanket – you know Blanket? And who’s the other – Paris. Paris has got two brothers.

I like getting out in town. I go by myself for holidays at Christmas.”

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