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Yep – I am case NZ#18 / CHCH#1

“Ok … well, it’s been a weird few weeks!

Following an international work trip my family and I spent life in full quarantine for a week before the lock down started.

Yep – I am case NZ#18 / CHCH#1. I am now fully recovered but my husband remains at the other end of the house until he is allowed out (for a further 14 days after my recovery).

Some facts:
I arrived back from the UK and started to feel unwell with temperatures and body aches the same evening. I got tested the next morning and the positive test came back the next day. In the interim, my husband and I stayed at home and fully isolated from the world (and from each other).

My case was definitely mild – no cough and minimal upper respiratory symptoms. I definitely looked and felt a bit ragged for a few days but essentially I got off very very lightly. Fatigue was a bit of an issue but improved rapidly. I have had lots of virtual support and love – and for that I am very grateful.

My son is at uni and left his hall to come home and be in our bubble. The cats are loving his TLC. This means that he and I are the food preparers and cleaners in the other end of the house, to allow my husband to stay in the quarantine end of the house.

At this stage (18 days after the I became unwell) my husband and son both have no symptoms … so fingers crossed!

My story isn’t very ‘grand’, but I think it’s really important that people hear it for a couple of reasons. It can be anxiety-reducing to hear that many of us will be ok. But at the same time, it’s hugely important to know that we CAN stop the spread if we follow the rules and stay in our bubbles (and even our micro bubbles!) – CHCH#1

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