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We are very lucky to have the time we’ve been given – Graham and Perrine

Graham and Perrine.

“Graham’s a friendly soul. He makes all the new neighbours feel welcome and collects a few to help him along the way. They have wonderful working bees and meetings.

It’s been Graham’s hobby, but he can’t see to do the deadheading and the weeding to the same degree. He has decreasing loss of vision because of macular degeneration. At first he just sat and said – I can’t read, I can’t drive, I can’t write – and then he said ‘I think I’ll just do it anyway. 

The gardening well – he just does a lot by feel. He works away and I just help with things he can’t see or do. As we get older, it takes two people to make one whole person is what we say…  

Graham and I went to the same high school and we were in the same class in the sixth form. We had many mutual friends and interests including playing tennis; we have been close friends since that time. We got married in 1964.

We are very lucky  to have the time we’ve been given, to work together as a team.”

–  Perrine

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